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About Blow Molding

Blow molding is a versatile, cost-effective manufacturing process that uses air pressure to inflate soft plastic into a mold cavity. The result is objects that are stronger and lighter than those produced by other plastic fabrication methods. Technological and engineering advances continue to expand the number of applications that can be successfully addressed with the blow molding process. Leading-edge industrial innovators continue to explore the benefits of blow-molded plastic products. These include:

  • Lower mold costs
  • Competitive unit costs
  • Faster cycle times/increased output
  • Flexibility of part design
  • Lightweight durability
  • Strong part performance
  • Superior corrosion resistance

Western Industries Plastic Products LLC’s professional staff can help you understand the advantages and the technical limitations of plastics and blow molding. Western has the expertise and resources to deliver successful strategies, from design engineering through product assembly, that maximize the benefits of blow-molded plastic production.

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Process Comparison

Item Blow Mold Rotational Injection
Mold Cost Moderate Low High
Mold Revisions Moderate Moderate High
Part Cost Low High Low
Design Options Many Moderate Moderate
Production Volumes Low To High Low High