The Industry leader in Plastics Manufacturing since 1975


Western Industries Plastic Products LLC has established a leading reputation in the plastics industry by providing products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements at all times, every time. With a varied client base and with product that ships worldwide, we work hard to earn long-term business relationships—and we consider each satisfied customer to be a measure of our success. Our focus on quality, demonstrated at every step of the manufacturing process, gives our customers the confidence to rely on Western Industries as a true partner.

Western’s quality standards are achieved by following a three-point strategy:


Developing documented process controls and quality assurance programs. Western works closely with its customers to identify critical characteristics for each project, establishing clearly defined product specifications, processing parameters, inspection criteria, and packaging instructions to ensure that all requirements are met. Initial quality characteristics are then verified through appropriate in-house ISIR or PPAP processes, and on-going production is monitored through capability studies and statistical analyses. Western regularly evaluates all processes for continuous improvement, and understands that effective, constant communication—both internal and with customers—is the key to responsive services and real quality production. Western takes the time to fully understand each customer’s needs, and has the systems in place to ensure that they are met.


Retaining the industry’s best operators, engineers, and quality technicians. Western’s operators are true craftsmen, and believe in building quality into every product. The production area receives 24-hour technical support from an in-house team of full-time design engineers and quality technicians that contributes over 140 years of experience in part design and processing. The Western staff is an invaluable resource, providing the expertise to ensure that each product is manufactured optimally and efficiently—from the beginning.


Investing in the latest equipment and technologies. Western’s commitment to maintaining a state-of-the-art facility gives customers a significant advantage: We can deliver complete, consistent quality and repeatable results. Our investment in the latest equipment and technologies includes:

  • A complete line of calibrated measurement and testing equipment
  • Pro/E and 3D solid modeling software
  • Gravimetric blenders
  • Unique and customized CNC equipment and robotics
  • Sophisticated secondary machinery

At Western Industries, quality is more than just our goal: It’s our purpose. For more information about our quality controls or to request a quote for your next project, contact us.