Blow Molded Product Solutions

Want to learn how blow molding works? Get free, exclusive access to the step-by-step process we follow here at Western. Discover the process that’s helped entrepreneurs, product design firms and Fortune 500 companies reach their new product goals:

“Professional partner, providing Engineering, Quality and Customer Service capabilities that have helped make us successful through our several year relationship.”

– Phillip Clouse, Former Director of Procurement at Rubbermaid


Our strategy is to utilize our substantial accumulated experience and expertise in design and manufacturing large and intermediate sized blow molded parts and finished products primarily for use in a variety of consumer and industrial applications with an economic and service value proposition compelling to the customer


We are committed to supplying quality products and design services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We strive to continuously improve our performance to better satisfy the needs of our customers and deliver on time, every time, defect free products.


We are passionately customer centric and believe we can positively impact our customer’s business through the parts and finished products we supply.

Your partner in unlocking brand potential

Providing solutions in

-sporting goods
-Medical Equipment
-lawn & garden
-Health & Safety
-Material Handling
-& many more


Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. provides for ALL customer needs. Western can provide the simplest or most complex assembly processes, customized to meet or exceed customer…

Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. provides a variety of expert packaging services, including kitting of sourced components, labeling, and custom packing strategies designed to help customers…

For Western Industries Plastic Products LLC., size is not an obstacle. Western’s manufacturing capabilities are distinguished by an unparalleled selection of large-head blow mold equipment.

With over 140 years of combined engineering experience, Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. provides a level of expertise in part design and processing that can make…

Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. offers on-site certified purchasing professionals to assist customers with the purchase of all necessary product components.


As part of our commitment to providing superior quality products and complete, customer-driven services, Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. employs in-house process engineers that contribute to…

Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. has developed a proven infrastructure that supports the logistics processes for successful blow-molded manufacturing projects.
Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. offers the advantage of being able to provide a wide array of value-added secondary work.
Thinking beyond the mold, Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. has established a unique expertise in supply chain management (SCM) that allows us to offer customers additional…

We Are Hiring

We continuously seek the best applicants to join our team.

Our team is the foundation of success for our company. We are able to collaborate and work together to create some of the most recognizable products in the plastics industry. As a leading manufacturer, we strive to produce the highest quality parts for our customers. We work hard to help our members grow and develop skills together, so we can continue to grow within our community as well as our customer base. Every member of our team is essential in building on our 31 year old reputation as a trusted name in the plastics industry.

If you are looking for an engaging, dynamic opportunity with competitive pay and great benefits – visit our employment center located at 22167 C Street Winfield, KS 67156 or email your resume to

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