Is Blow Molding the right choice?

Blow molding plastic manufacturing is preferred over other manufacturing methods for several reasons. It is a highly efficient process that can produce large quantities of parts quickly and cost-effectively. Blow molding also allows for a high level of design flexibility, making it possible to create products with unique shapes and features. Additionally, blow molding is an environmentally friendly process, as it produces less waste than other manufacturing methods.
In order to ensure the quality of the finished product, blow molding requires careful attention to detail and strict quality control measures. This includes monitoring the temperature and pressure during the molding process, and performing regular inspections of the finished products.
In conclusion, blow molding is a highly versatile and efficient manufacturing process used to create hollow plastic parts. It is preferred over other manufacturing methods due to its efficiency, design flexibility, and environment friendliness. With the ability to produce a wide range of products in large quantities, blow molding is a crucial process in the manufacturing industry.
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What are the Blow Molding benefits?

Experts In Customer Service​

We understand that every customer has unique needs and challenges, which is why we approach each project with a customized, solutions-based approach. We have the team who can provide expert guidance and support.
Our goal is to work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, and provide them with innovative, cost-effective, and reliable solutions that meet their specific needs. We will work with you through the entire product development process.

Complexity is Not an Obstacle

We have over 70 years of combined engineering experience and can provide a level of expertise in part design assistance using state-of-the-art software, and processing experts that can make even the most complex plastic challenges achievable.
Whether your product is a simple component or a complex innovation, we can work with you in product design, product improvement, and project management to ensure that your application is cost-effective and successful from the beginning.

Below is a typical timeline of the product development cycle from design to completion.

Design & Engineering

Our on-site design and processing engineers are here to assist you in the development of your products. Their vast knowledge in plastic product design along with the use of Solidworks 3D cad molding system can ensure that your product will be designed to your specifications and will be moldable using the blow-molding process. 


In the processing phase we will develop our final process through machine programming and head tool shaping to ensure the final product meets customers expectations.

Mold development

From our 3d cad model we are able to move into the development and layout of the actual mold. This machined aluminum mold will be able to mass produce your final product. 

Secondary / Value-Add Operations

Western Industries offers a wide array of value-add secondary work options. Western has multiple CNC machines capable of doing both high speed and complex secondary operations. In addition, Western can aid in the design of specialized custom-built fixtures to meet customers’ product varied needs.

Packaging / Finished Goods

Western Industries provides fully customized packaging services, including kitting of sourced components, labeling, and custom packing strategies designed to help customers lower total production costs and reduce time to market.


Our Team has developed a proven infrastructure that supports the logistics processes for successful blow-molded manufacturing projects. We have the systems in place to plan, implement, and control the storage and effective forward flow of inventory between our manufacturing facility and the global marketplace, allowing us to meet diverse customer requirements at the lowest cost possible.

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