As a leading OEM contract manufacturer of blow-molded products, Western Industries Plastic Products LLC has developed a network of core capabilities that allows us to assist customers with any stage of a plastics project, from design and process engineering through fabrication to complete supply chain management. This comprehensive range of in-house capabilities uniquely positions Western Industries as a single-source provider of integrated, customer-driven services that deliver the ultimate competitive advantage: A consistent quality product for lower overhead costs, with reduced time to market.

Our core manufacturing capabilities have established us as a leader in large-part production, and we continue to expand our range of expertise with sophisticated, state-of-the-art secondary equipment, including:

  • 3-, 4-, and 6-axis CNC routers and robots
  • Custom-built secondary tooling and fixtures
  • The latest technology in material blending equipment
  • Complete line of calibrated measuring equipment
  • The most up-to-date testing and inspection equipment and procedures

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Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. provides for ALL customer needs. Western can provide the simplest or most complex assembly processes, customized to meet or exceed customer...


Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. provides a variety of expert packaging services, including kitting of sourced components, labeling, and custom packing strategies designed to help customers...​


For Western Industries Plastic Products LLC., size is not an obstacle. Western’s manufacturing capabilities are distinguished by an unparalleled selection of large-head blow mold equipment.

Design Capabilities

With over 140 years of combined engineering experience, Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. provides a level of expertise in part design and processing that can make...


Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. offers on-site certified purchasing professionals to assist customers with the purchase of all necessary product components.

Process Engineering

As part of our commitment to providing superior quality products and complete, customer-driven services, Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. employs in-house process engineers that contribute to...

Logistics Management

Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. has developed a proven infrastructure that supports the logistics processes for successful blow-molded manufacturing projects.

Value-Added Services

Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. offers the advantage of being able to provide a wide array of value-added secondary work.

Supply Chain Management

Thinking beyond the mold, Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. has established a unique expertise in supply chain management (SCM) that allows us to offer customers additional...

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