Process Engineering

Understanding Plastics Engineering

Our expert team of engineers is an industry leader in developing safe, innovative and economical solutions to meet the ever changing market demands.


Greater efficiency, Improved quality, & Reduced Cost

Integrating sophisticated methods and technologies into the manufacturing plan, Western’s engineers can create new processes to meet specific project needs or modify existing systems as needed for greater efficiency, improved quality, or reduced cost. With this core capability, Western Industries is able to develop workable strategies for the production and timely delivery of high-quality finished goods that adhere to even the most demanding fiscal, scheduling, and quality specifications.

Dedicated Engineering

Western maintains a staff of engineers who understand the processing and design considerations necessary for a successful project. A combined 60+ years of processing experience means that our engineers can maximize the process and ensure the product attains a level of quality you expect. Product centric approach ensures that all aspects of the project are accounted for in the design process. Full virtual support means you stay connected with our team throughout the project to ensure all goals are met.


Western believes that the key to a successful project is strong communication. Our engineers work directly with you to fine tune design considerations to ensure all possible needs are met. Excellent customer service doesn’t stop with our customer management and sales teams, our engineering department is committed to working with customers to ensure top quality products. Virtual meetings save time and travel expenses while keeping you up to date with project progress and in the mix with design suggestions and feedback.

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