Design Assistance

Plastics Design Assistance

Our blow molding design assistance capabilities and processing expertise can make even the most complex plastic challenges achievable. Our engineering team is an innovative and forward-thinking group with experience in getting plastic products to market. Western’s product-centric approach ensures that all aspects of the project are accounted for. During the design process, you will have full virtual support allowing you to stay connected with our team throughout the project.

Software Capabilities

Blow-molded parts software
Overall, combining Solidworks 3D CAD and Creo Parametric offers several benefits in the design of blow-molded parts. Including,  enhanced design flexibility, improved accuracy, faster design iterations, better collaboration, enhanced visualization, and integration with other software tools. 
By leveraging the strengths of both platforms, designers can create more optimized and high-quality designs that meet the necessary specifications and standards that our customers expect.

Product Design Support

Solidworks 3D CAD and Creo Parametric provide collaboration tools that enable designers to work closely with other stakeholders, such as engineers, manufacturing experts, and suppliers. By combining these tools, designers can improve collaboration and ensure that the design is optimized for manufacturability, cost-effectiveness, and performance.

Product Compatibility Confidence

By combining this software, designers can help create designs that are compatible with different manufacturing processes. This helps to ensure that the product’s design can be easily adapted to different parts that use other manufacturing processes, reducing the need for costly redesigns.

Research and Development

Western Industries has a vast understanding of the advantages and technical constraints of plastics and blow molding. This allows us to assess the practicality of any new plastic applications and help devise design tactics that maximize and process potential. Our expertise can be utilized to evaluate the potential success of any plastic project, as well as offer advice on how to make the most of the available resources and techniques. Additionally, our team can provide guidance on how to optimize the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible outcome.

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